"Yoga began with the first person wanting to be healthy and happy all the time."    

                                                                                                                                             ~ Sri Swami Satchidananda


I've seen a lot of different massage therapists and Bruce knows what he is doing.  He has a great energy, an excellent touch, and provides a safe and comfortable atmosphere in the massage room.  He is mindful and present during the massage which a lot of therapists lack.  Bruce went the extra mile with added aromatherapy and the use of hot towels on the back, feet, and face.  Nice touch (literally) It was the perfect, relaxing massage to start out my week.  Highly recommend.  I will definitely be going back again in the future.

~ Amy



I've been going to Bruce now for about 2 years, I'm also a practioner of Massage and of all the people I've gone to in Silicon Valley, Bruce is the best practitioner I have had in the area. Bruce naturally exudes a very Zen soothing and comforting presence. He is very professional. You really feel like you are treated like your a priority. His technique is wonderful and I'm not critical, but I'm pretty picky being that I'm also a practioner as well. He has a great flow, applies just the right pressure to accomodate one's needs, he puts a lot of care in his service and does much more such as integrating hot stones with essential oils along with hot towels as well. He always checks in to ask how you are. His work is very meticoulous and he's always doing what he can to grow and improve in his practice as he understands that one never reaches an end point or finish line when it comes to this practice, and he always just keeps getting better. I always walk out feeling so better from inside out everytime I recieve a treatment from this sagacious gentlemen! Highly recommend him!

~ Jen



Finding a person that gives a great massage is always challenging.  I was very pleased to discover Bruce at Om Healing Massage and experience a great 90 minutes of peace and relaxation.  I had the hot stone massage and he was able to get in deep to those muscles that are much too tight for my own good.  He knows his stuff and I also liked that he did not have the need to talk all of the time, I find talking distracts me from fully experience my massage.  I will be coming back for additional sessions for sure.

~ Kris



My massage with Bruce was wonderful! He has a clear understanding of anatomy and the movement of the human body and he combines that knowledge with a skill in many massage modalities. While receiving my massage I felt as if I was in a high end spa, getting a plush treatment that would have been well out of my price range. And as I was preparing to go, I realized that without the usual deep, painful work often associated with deep tissue massage, Bruce had worked the kinks out of my back & neck. I had a fuller range of motion than I had when I came in.

Bruce has a talent for giving your body the attention it needs, while also giving you the nurturing experience you need to relax not only your body, but your mind. If you get a chance to have a massage with him, I would highly recommend it!  

~ Amber


Had a wonderful massage from Bruce. I would definitely recommend this place. This is not a day spa; it looks more like a doctor's office. However, the room in which I had my massage was perfectly nice and spa like.     

~ Leslie 


I have chronic muscular issues and have seen quite a few different massage therapists. I know enough to tell when someone is a skilled and focused therapist, and when someone is just kind of going through the motions. This was honestly one of the better massages I've had, and definitely the best massage I've had from a therapist I hadn't worked with previously.

I can tell that Bruce is very knowledgeable and passionate about his work. I learned he has a background in yoga and I think that definitely contributes to his understanding of the body. He utilized a range of techniques and was very intuitive and focused on my problem areas based upon my initial description. I really appreciate when a therapist spends additional time on areas needing it instead of just going through a routine. I felt that I also got a well-balanced treatment on the rest of my body during the 60-minute session.

Even though the location is out of my way, I think it's worth the effort to get such good results. Highly recommended.    

~ J.C.


I also had a wonderful massages from Bruce and will go back again! Bruce does an amazing job, uses hot stones, heat, and just understands the body. It's really about the massage for me. Fabulous. And if you get the time, Bruce might give you some extra self-care tips. Always a bonus.     

~ D.A.


Just had a 90 minute massage with hot stones. My massage therapist, Bruce was excellent. He immediately understood my needs and gave me a massage that helped my tense areas and relieved stress. He's skilled and intuitive as a massage therapist. 

~ Allyson


Great massage - fell asleep and woke up with my muscles feeling so relaxed. Bruce was awesome, did a fabulous job. Also he provided self-help tips for stretching depending on where your tension is. Got myself a package deal for recurring appointments. Can't wait to come back!

~ Janis


I really enjoy going to Bruce. He makes me feel comfortable and relaxed..

Additionally, he is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what he does, always offers advice for problem areas, and tries different techniques each time depending on the feedback you give him.

I bought a package deal for reoccurring appointments and it was a great decision. I am almost out and will be signing up for another round!

Thanks Bruce!

~ Colleen



Words cannot express how amazing Bruce is.  I thank God the day I found him. He has such a healing relaxing touch that melts me.  I have gone to massage therapists for 30 years and there is no one that even comes close to Bruce. After being in 3 car accidents and having 3 vertebrae fused massage is the key along with yoga, meditation, exercise and stretching.  I recommend anyone who wants a fabulous Zen experience to visit OM Healing Massage and get the massage of your life from Bruce.  #masseuseforlife#bestever#healinghands

~ Georgia


Love going to Bruce for my massages.  He's got a very warm and compassionate aura about him that just makes you feel comfortable.  He's also a very good practitioner, using just the right amount of pressure.

The massage room is very soothing, and spacious.  

Thanks, Bruce!

~ Teresa



Bruce gave me one of THE BEST body massages I've ever had. He truly listens to your body and focuses on the areas that need the work. He is passionate about his work. He is very professional and I felt completely at ease during the session. I have never experienced a hot stone massage before and it was amazing. I will most definitely be back for more sessions with him.