"The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relations!"     T.K.V. Desikachar


Yoga Basic – For anyone new to yoga. The class introduces the fundamentals of yoga practice, focusing on movement, alignment, breath, and awareness. 


Qigong – This practice focusing on internal energy. Through gentle movements, breathing, and visualization, the practice help cultivates more energy and less stress.

Vinyasa Yoga - A series of postures designed to help strengthen the body, improve flexibility and calm the mind; moving meditation.


Yin Yoga– This meditative and healing practice allows students to hold each posture 2-5 minutes on the floor, cultivating presence awareness by witnessing sensation, noticing the breath and observing the mind. Slowing down to explore the deeper level of connective tissues and reflect on the inner experience.


Restorative Yoga – A practice that allows students to rest by using props to help support the body for deeper relaxation through stillness. 


Tai Chi – The art of effortless flow. Learn the fundamental of these gentle movements that help promote health, vitality and to slow down the aging process.

Gentle Yoga – Focus on the alignment and refine each posture to help create a safe and effective practice. 

Intro Donation Classes: A great opportunity to learn the foundation of these ancient practices, cultivating more energy and less stress. Suggested donation $10-20. You can leave whatever you feel is appropriate. All proceeds will go to help benefit the less fortunate children and elders for food, shelter, and education.


* Scheduling and content of activities may be changed on occasion. 

* Qigong and Tai Chi classes are for ALL LEVEL, beginners and seniors are welcome. Chairs are available if needed. 



2019      Yoga Qigong Healing Prices:


$10     Drop-in New Student Special


10% off          Regular Pricing

                      $20       Drop-in Single Class  

$135              $150     Re-occurring Monthly Unlimited – 12-month commitment

$150              $168     Re-occurring Monthly Unlimited – 6-month commitment

$135              $150      8  Class Package ($17/class) 

$ 270             $306     16   Class Package ($16/class, 1 free class, 17 total) 

$1800            $1950   12 Months unlimited Pre-pay (includes 1 free month)


* 10% off for Students, Seniors, Friends, and Family

* We do not offer refunds (including prepaid memberships).

* Class Pass Expires One Year


Group or Corporate sessions available upon request. Please email or call us for information.