"The more chi-full you are, the more cheerful you are." 

       Through the journey of self-healing, Bruce discovered the transformational disciplines of yoga and qi gong. Regular practice has enabled him to find tranquility, appreciate the little things in life, and express kindness and compassion for others. The simple essence of the two disciplines — slow movements combined with proper breathing — played a key role in his body’s recovery, alleviating his tendonitis and joint pain from weight lifting and playing vigorous sports. Beyond that, the practices have transformed Bruce’s life: They have helped heighten his sensitivity to vital energy, deepened his self-healing for spiritual fulfillment, and connected him more directly to the unlimited supply of nature’s life force. Bruce finds immense joy in practicing and continually expanding his knowledge of these preventative aspects of self-care and self-healing, and is passionate about sharing the incredible benefits with others.



         Andrea was born and raised in Columbus Ohio and has since moved out to San Jose California. She has been practicing yoga since 2003, and in early 2017 she decided she wanted to share her love for yoga with others. She became a 200 hour certified yoga teacher through GoYoga, spending half of her training in Ohio and the second half in Tulum Mexico. The styles she is most passionate about teaching are beginner's yoga, restorative, gentle, vinyasa flow, and guided meditation. She is currently
broadening her education in yoga, by working towards her 60 hour training in yoga trapeze. This style of yoga is known to be therapeutic for the spine; builds strength, flexibility, and tones muscles throughout the entire body. Andrea has a background in the medical field as a radiologic technologist, which helped her gain a deeper knowledge of the human body inside and out. Having a great passion for people's health and wellbeing, she has just completed her certification in Health Coaching through the Institute
for Integrative Nutrition. In learning that no two people have the same exact needs mentally or physically, she believes it is important to help each individual find what works for them. She feels incorporating yoga and meditation into your lifestyle, can play a significant role in having a healthy heart, mind, and body.


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