"Yoga began with the first person wanting to be healthy and happy all the time."    

 ~ Sri Swami Satchidananda

Natural medicine is the best way to describe practicing Yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi with Bruce. During the past 6 months of taking his classes, he has transformed my stressful life with the side effects of calm joyfulness. His teaching is simple, effective and enjoyable. I find myself looking forward to his classes wanting to learn more. I am more fit physically and achieving more balance going into my 60's.       ~ Katie, Feng Shui Advisor

Kind - Friendly - Heartfelt - Creative - Clear -  Enlightening - Loving -  Nurturing - Balanced - Peaceful - Grounding - Joyful - Welcoming. 
These words only begin to describe Bruce and his classes. I had taken Tai Chi, QiGong, Yin, Restorative and Vinyasa Yoga from him. He is very passionate about his teachings. You take one class and you will be connected with him. It is impossible to leave class without a euphoric spirit and a smile!         ~ Ada, Retired Graphic Designer

I have practiced yoga with Bruce for about a year and love his peaceful and fun attitude toward yoga, improvement, and life. He teaches his classes for a variety of levels, helping you find what works best in each pose and flow for you. He always helps people customize to improve their health in the classes.
I started out as a beginner, hating downward dog because it hurt my arms and wrists. Now I am really comfortable with the yoga flow and many of the poses - still working on the balance and definitely more complicated poses. Class seems to go so fast that it is already time for shavasana.           ~ Lauren

Bruce, the QiGong instructor is absolutely magic at what he does. He has a real gift. 

                                                                                                                               ~ Student

This is a wonderful studio with a variety of classes to fit your needs and schedule. Bruce is amazing at explaining the practice of qigong. He is an excellent teacher and does not go too fast. I come in tired and anxious but I leave energized and calm. It's an excellent way to reduce stress. In doing this practice I have found I have more energy to get through the work day and I am more productive.  ~ Mary, Teacher 

Since I began taking your Qigong class in Septemeber, I noticed a change in myself (physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally). At first, I was a little skeptical about the whole thing, but eventually, it really grew on me with the visual examples you provide to the positive energy of the people around me. I wish I could practice it more on a daily basis, but life is complicated and insists on getting in the way. My favorite thing about Qigong is how I feel after a class. I feel very positive about the present and my future, which at my age is a hard thing to be positive about. However, my depression seems to disappear for a longer period each time I attend one of your classes! I just started taking yoga with you and I can't wait to see how I feel about it. I hope you never stop teaching Qigong because it has really made my life a little brighter.   ~ Jessica, Student

Took my first basic yoga class taught by Bruce. He has an amazing way of incorporating the experienced and the inexperienced in his instruction. The difficulty was at a perfect level and I felt great after the class. And the studio is comfortable and he has everything you need on site. Highly recommended.  ~ Larry, Dentist

I have been attending Bruce's Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Yin/Restorative Yoga classes for the past 5 months. Prior to this time I found exercise boring and tedious, and seldom would do any formal kind of exercise activity. Since meeting Bruce and attending his classes I look forward to realizing all the benefits being in his classes has given me. The other students in the class feel the same. He has quite a following.

His healing approach for the mind, body, and spirit is communicated freely and felt deeply by his students. He is a genuine healer and exudes peace, love and kindness to all who interact with him. During his yoga classes, he utters phrases that encourage looking deeper within and finding love, peace, beauty and acceptance of yourself and others’. The physical benefits are tremendous. You learn to appreciate your body and what it gives to you. I have seen much improvement in my balance, flexibility, strength, gracefulness, and focus. My classmates have shared with me much of what I have described, and are excited to have Bruce as an instructor. Bruce has touched my life and that of many others. I highly recommend his classes.       ~ Patricia, Retired Nuse

I found Bruce's Yoga class at the end of last year,  while he was still teaching at the gym.  Not only is he an excellent yoga teacher, he provides the clearest opening and closing meditations in his classes. It had a profound effect on me, and I truly wish I lived closer to his new studio! I really hope that Bruce moves towards certifying other teachers; he has a quality and deep clarity that is hard to find. We desperately need more people like Bruce in the world right now!  His personal practice is quite obviously working, and you will absolutely be inspired by this humble person channeling such profound and simple grace in his classes. A true living example of, as he says in his closing meditation, "Being the change you wish to see in the world." Thanks Bruce, I hope I can make my schedule work with your classes soon!   ~ Amy

Of the many yoga instructors I've tried, Bruce is head and shoulders above the pack.  Having had yoga with Bruce, my whole day is better.  My life is better!    ~ Bill

If you are interested in trying Qigong, definitely go to Bruce's classes.  He is an excellent instructor...patient, clear, compassionate, humorous, and knowledgeable.  But what makes Bruce stand out is that he is more than an instructor, he is a TEACHER.  In Bruce's classes, you learn more than just the mechanics of the movement.  You learn why you are doing the movement, how it will help you, the begin understanding Qigong as a practice, not just as a mechanical exercise.  Try it, you won't be disappointed and you will feel good on the inside and outside.  ~ Mary  

Bruce is like a super master (i.e., super star Bruce Lee) in the field of teaching Yoga+Tai-Chi & Qigong. When he was teaching at a Club, there were always 30-50 learners in his class. He is very popular. Every time after taking his class, I feel that I am so lucky to have him to be my master teacher. He is enthusiastic and knowledgeable. He showed me the details of Qigong+Tai-Chi and corrected me when I was doing wrong. Most importantly, he teaches how to gather your own Qi (氣). Now my heel pain has been healed because of Qigong+Tai-Chi. Highly recommended.  ~ Christy

I started practicing Yoga due to my back and neck pain and got a chance to visit one of the classes taught by Bruce. Thanks to the inspirational and encouraging nature of Bruce, I became very passionate about Yoga in an extremely short time. I was returning to the class not just because of my back and neck feeling better, but because of my overall well being - of both mind and body. I not only had a steep learning journey but also enjoyed each and every second of it! Bruce is a unique Yoga teacher and everyone who had the opportunity to practice with him as a teacher knows that words are not good enough to describe the experience of a yoga class with him.   ~ Radina, Student

LOVE attending the restorative yoga and Qigong classes at Yoga Qigong Healing.  Bruce makes it very easy and helps address your practical, everyday issues caused by stress and ailments.  The studio has a calm and peaceful environment too!    ~ Karen

I have been taking Qigong classes @ this studio for the past few months. It has been a great experience.
Facility: It is one of the newer Yoga/Qigong studios in the neighborhood. The facility is very accessible, clean and has a nice vibe about it. There is plenty of parking available. 
Teacher: Bruce is an excellent teacher - very knowledgeable and patient. 
He is always happy to answer questions after the class. 
Highly recommended.   ~ Madhu

I have been attending classes regularly at Yoga Qigong for about 6 months (attending Yoga, Vinyasa, and Restorative Yoga classes). Bruce is an amazing teacher and his classes accommodate individuals at varying levels. He does this by offering ways for his students to extend/challenge their own practice. His instruction provides a well rounded mind-body experience. He narrates through the class, encouraging his students to be present and meditate on: the feelings within their bodies -and- most importantly their breath. Since practicing with Bruce, I have noticed a positive change in my body strength/tone as well as my response to daily stressors. I cannot recommend Yoga Qigong enough for those yogi practitioners out there or those looking to begin their practice. Check Bruce and Yoga Qigong out, you won't be disappointed!  ~Stephanie, Teacher

A great studio! Bruce is an amazing instructor of both the mind and body for Yoga, Qigong, and Meditation. I started out as a complete novice and through Bruce's coaching now go several times a week. It has helped me calm my mind and body as well as helped my lower back pain. If you are seeking health, healing, or a new practice, this is a great studio and Bruce are a great opportunity.   ~ Adam

I recently started Qigong at this location, and I really enjoy it! I've been learning to integrate mind and body by a series of gentle movements and breathing. WhoBruce is a fantastic Tai Chi instructor! I'm so happy I began taking classes as this studio, and couldn't ask for more. knew it would be so relaxing and invigorating at the same time! I cannot recommend this place highly enough!
Next, I'll branch out and try Tai Chi.  ~ Sarah

Bruce is a fantastic Tai Chi instructor! I'm so happy I began taking classes as this studio, and couldn't ask for more.  ~ Laura